Belfast Bay Shade Company: Handcrafted Lampshades and Fine Art for the Home

The Maine Botanical Series

Designer/Maker: Dina Petrillo

These artisan-made lampshades come in a variety of botanical motifs printed with a collagraph emboss—Original prints are pulled on etching presses and constructed to last. With more than 40 designs, these shades are highly versatile for use with any lamp style including swag, track, hardwire ceiling hung pendants, floor and table lamps and sconces. The company uses archival materials sourced in the United States and works with domestic distributors and manufacturers. These are fine art lampshades, and each shade is titled, dated and signed by the artist. Made in Waldo County, Maine.

Within the Botanical series there are four shade lines

Bold Graphic: mostly monochromatic inks on brightly colored papers;

A La Poupee: hand-painted plates with 3 or more ink colors;

Chine Colle: multiple translucent paper colors for a layered look;

Custom: a combination of any of the above print methods and selected motifs designed to order.

lampshadeDrum shades come in 11 sizes : 7 x 5″, 7 x 12″, 9 x 10”,  9 x 15″, 9 x 20″, 11 x 9″, 11 x 10″, 12 x 12″, 12 x 14″, 14 x 11″ and 15 x 13″.

Price Range (retail): each of the shade lines in range of sizes.

Graphic:  $180 – $340

A La Poupee: $290 – $450

Chine Colle: $270 – $350

Custom: $430 – $830

Botanical motifs comprise 14 designs: Beech, Brussels Sprouts, Geranium, Grapevine, Hydrangea, Maple, Oak, Nasturtium, Quince, Rhododendron, Squash, Sunflowers, Tomato, and Wisteria.

Materials: archival translucent papers, etching inks, lamp styrene and steel rings

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