Whirlpool Brand Launches Industry’s First Induction Double Oven Freestanding Range

Whether it’s preparing more back-to-school lunches for kids or entertaining a full dining room for upcoming holidays, kitchens need to be as efficient as possible to help moderate life’s chaotic moments. Whirlpool brand, the No. 1 appliance brand in the United States, consistently delivers products focused on making life easier at home. The Whirlpool® Induction double oven freestanding range is the industry’s first— leading the way in cooking consistency and control with efficient cooking technology and easy cleaning.

With a variety of special features tailored for frenzied lives, the Whirlpool Induction double oven freestanding range delivers the power and convenience to tackle everyday tasks. According to a recent study conducted by Whirlpool Corporation, over 90 percent of households cook at least once a day, with the average home cooking 2.5 times a day. With all of this activity in the kitchen, families need the help of appliances that streamline the process for speedy and delicious results. The Whirlpool Induction double oven freestanding range is designed to meet consumer needs by offering the brand’s premier cooking technology in one appliance.

“Providing consumers with products that help ease life’s daily tasks at home is our primary goal. Whether you’re cooking dinner on a typical Monday night or hosting a lavish soiree for in-laws, the Whirlpool induction double oven freestanding range takes the stress out of the kitchen,” said Andrea Smith, product brand manager of Whirlpool brand cooking and kitchen suites. “By offering advanced cooking technology, and an efficient cleaning process, being the ultimate hostess is not an impossible feat.”

This has Whirlpool’s largest capacity—6.7 cu. ft.—double oven electric freestanding range. The 2.5 cubic- foot upper oven and 4.2 cubic-foot lower oven have room to bake and roast holiday dishes, so there’s always enough room to handle even the largest of meals. The 11-inch induction boost element defies the idea that “a watched pot never boils” by boiling up to 25 cups of water in 50 percent less time.

Special features include AccuHeat™ induction technology, which transfers energy directly into magnetic cookware, so you get powerful cooking without feeling heat from the cooktop. For tastier roasts and baked bread, TimeSavor™ convection cooking distributes hot air more efficiently to seal in flavors and juices. Now, consumers can take home a range that senses and adapts to their every need to deliver the fast and delicious results they want.

The Whirlpool® double oven electric range with induction cooktop (Model WGI925C0BS) is available now at retailers nationwide in stainless steel with a MSRP of $2,249.

KitchenAid Introduces Dishwasher With Industry’s Lowest Water Usage

The latest dishwasher from KitchenAid combines the best cleaning and drying performance ever offered by KitchenAid with the industry’s lowest water usage, as published on EnergyStar.gov. Featuring an innovative washing method called the AquaSense™ Recycling System, the brand’s newest dishwasher uses water from the last rinse cycle to pre-rinse the next cycle before using fresh water to complete the cleaning process.

“If you have great water efficiency but need to rewash because you’re not getting the desired results, that efficiency is quickly diminished,” notes Beth Robinson, senior manager of brand experience for KitchenAid. “Our engineers have come up with a way to deliver on both fronts by designing a dishwasher that not only uses 33 percent less water than previous models but also delivers our best performance ever.”

One of the brand’s quietest models as well, it features a filter based wash system with Whisper Quiet® 41 dBA sound insulation for the stainless steel tub. A Heat Dry option activates a dedicated heating element offering the option of having dishes completely dry at the end of a cycle.

A range of wash cycles include a ProWash™ cycle that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right cycle by automatically adjusting water and energy use based on details such as load size and soil amounts. When quicker results are needed a One-Hour wash cycle cleans and dries dishes faster while a Heavy Duty cycle can be selected for hard to clean items like pots, pans or casserole dishes. A ProScrub® option eliminates the need to soak or pre-scrub items with baked on food by using 40 powerful spray jets to concentrate cleaning power.  Additional cycle options include a Normal Wash for regular loads, a Light China cycle for loads that don’t require heavy duty cleaning and a Rinse Only cycle.

Additional premium features found on the new model include well-spaced tines that enable greater space between dishes so wash and rinse water can clean more efficiently. To make room for larger pots, pans and dishes, fold-down tines adjust for easier accommodation. An adjustable upper rack accommodates tall plates on the lower rack when necessary. A generous silverware basket avoids crowding while cup and stemware holders provide added convenience in the upper rack. For easy-gliding operation, SatinGlide® Max Rack Glides use 52 ball bearings on each rail.

Available in stainless steel, the exterior features a front display that shows the cycle stage and progression when the dishwasher is running. An “add a dish” indicator signals when a dish may be added and still come out clean.  Scheduled to be available in October, the suggested retail price on the new KitchenAid® dishwasher is $1,699.

Fun Facts About Tailgating

According to the 24th annual Weber GrillWatch™ Survey*, the top three must-have items among grill owners for a proper tailgating party are a grill (82 percent), food (80 percent) and a cooler (80 percent). Chairs (76 percent) and alcoholic beverages (66 percent) round out the top five. Just half of grill owners (50 percent) consider tickets to the game a must-have item.

The grill of choice among tailgaters is a portable model (65 percent) versus 29 percent who opt to bring full-size models to their tailgate parties.

Overall, grilling away from home has increased in popularity over the past two years, with tailgate parties ranking as the fourth most popular location to grill away from home (22 percent).  Camping is ranked as the top spot (44 percent), followed by the park (37 percent) and the beach (23 percent).

Nearly one-half (48 percent) of grill owners report they place their grill on the ground when tailgating or grilling away from home in general; approximately one-third (32 percent) of those surveyed bring a table to use as a grill stand, and 17 percent use their truck beds.

Other Tailgating Trends from the 24th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey:

  • Twenty percent of U.S. grill owners have attended a tailgate party during the past 12 months, up from 14 percent last year.
  • Sixty-seven percent of grill owners who tailgate say that grilling is always a part of their tailgating activities.
  • The top five foods to grill when tailgating are hamburgers (71 percent), hot dogs (47 percent), brats (40 percent), chicken (29 percent) and steak (25 percent).
  • On average, grill owners spend a hefty $122 for food and drinks at a tailgating party.
  • Attending the game is secondary to many tailgaters, with 57 percent revealing they have attended a tailgate in the past 12 months without going into the game. This number jumped 13 percent from last year.

For more information about Weber’s new portable grills, including the Weber Jumbo Joe; and new grilling accessories perfect for tailgating, including the Portable Charcoal Table and the Compact RapidFire® Chimney Starter visit www.weber.com orwww.thewebernewsroom.com. For more tailgating tips from Weber’s Grill Master Kevin Kolman, visit www.weber.com/blog.

Hometalk Offers Tips from Social Network

Hometalk, the largest home and garden social network on the web, has released its Hometalk app for iPhone and iPad.

Hometalk connects millions home enthusiasts and home improvement professionals. Users can browse a wide range of topics related to the home for inspiration, from cleaning and plumbing to gardening and construction. They can also share their own photos and step-by-step DIY projects. Experts and peers answer questions and provide tips and feedback on anything related to home and garden. To tackle larger projects users can also search for local contractors to hire or to simply ask for advice—contractors can easily display examples of their work in project portfolios.

“Hometalk is a premiere destination for people who want to engage with their homes,” said Miriam Illions, Director of Community Development. “Our users are extremely active and want to access this content wherever they are—almost 30 percent of our traffic comes from mobile devices. With the release of the iOS app, Hometalk makes it even easier to find inspiration and share ideas. The app is especially helpful for contractors who are out on the field so they can lend help and give tips right from their pocket.”

The Hometalk app is available for free on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. Download at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hometalk-home-garden-knowledge/id643027980

It’s a Mess Down There on the Kitchen Floor

Our kitchens are the heart of our homes and the hub of our household activities, but a study just released by Kelton Research and BISSELL Homecare, Inc., shows we’re not treating them with the TLC they deserve. More than three in four Americans (77 percent) say their kitchen floor isn’t always as clean as it could be, and one in four admits that it’s at least sometimes, if not more often, dirty enough for feet to stick to. While this has something to do with the level of activity our kitchens see – everything from cooking and entertaining, to doing homework and playing with pets – it’s compounded by the fact that close to one-third of Americans who clean their floors wait at least a week to do so, likely because they don’t want to spend the time and effort.

“What’s ironic about this situation is that, while many consumers are hyper-vigilant about sanitization outside their homes, they’re forgetting about one large surface they actually have control over – their kitchen floor,” said Leah Haywood, associate brand manager for BISSELL. “Plus, our research shows that when they do clean their hard floors, they use a mop which often pushes germs around, or they get down on their hands and knees and scrub1! We want people to know that steam mops offer easy, effective solutions for sanitizing floors. Our goal is to help Americans spend more time making memories and less effort cleaning up after them.”

Kitchen floor confidential
Overall, Americans aren’t proud of the state of their kitchen floors – more than two in three (68 percent) say it isn’t always clean enough to prevent embarrassment if guests stopped by; more than three in four (77 percent) don’t think it’s always clean enough to show their home to prospective buyers; and nearly one in four (24 percent) say it’s at least sometimes too dirty to allow guests to enter the room.

Americans crave a deeper clean, with 58 percent saying their kitchen floor is at least sometimes in need of sanitization, but they’re deterred by the time (20 minutes, on average) and effort they think it requires. Nearly half (49 percent) say their kitchen takes more effort than any other room in their home to clean properly.

At the same time, cleaning perceptions and behaviors are markedly misaligned. About three in four (72 percent) say their kitchen floor isn’t always clean enough to allow a child to sit or crawl on it, but roughly half (46 percent) of parents say they’d let their child eat food dropped on the kitchen floor if it’s been there for five seconds or less, and another 7 percent would allow their child to eat any food that’s been on the kitchen floor no matter how long it’s been there. Are parents unsuspecting of the germs that live on kitchen floors, or just too worn out to care?

Parenting’s sticky side effects
Households with kids have even tougher cleaning challenges, as little ones are identified as causing more difficult-to-clean floor turmoil than pets or significant others. More than half (54 percent) of parents with a cat or dog say their child is more likely than their pet to cause a tougher-to-clean mess on any floor in their home, and four in five (80 percent) married parents say their child is more likely than their spouse to cause these sticky situations. While kids of all ages are cited as mess-makers, on average, the ones who leave parents grappling with the trickiest messes are nearly 4-years old.

Not only do those with kids face greater cleaning challenges, they also hold themselves to higher standards when it comes to their homes. Married parents are 20 percent more likely than non-parents (55 percent vs. 46 percent) to think their in-laws would judge them more for grime on their floor than stains on their clothing, and 65 percent of parents (vs. 54 percent of non-parents) say their kitchen floor is at least sometimes in need of sanitization.

A smarter solution
The good news is that we are taking responsibility for dealing with floor messes, even if it means flying solo. More than nine in ten (92 percent) Americans say they would typically clean up a mess in their home on their own instead of getting help or leaving it there, and only two percent say they would ignore the mess altogether. So, if we’re stuck with tackling floor messes, why not explore a smarter solution?

“As many as 82 percent of Americans perceive steam as an effective tool for cleaning hard floors, but our research shows only a fraction of them realize that steam mops exist,” said Haywood. “We want consumers to know that BISSELL can help them achieve a deep clean with less effort than it takes with a mop and bucket.”

The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop cleans dried-on sticky messes twice as fast as the leading steam mop. Using just heat and water, steam can remove 99 percent of germs and bacteria. It is available for a suggested retail price of $99.99 at bissell.com and at mass retailers including Target, Amazon.com, JCPenney, Lowe’s and BestBuy.

Visit www.bissell.com to learn more about BISSELL’s full line of cleaning products.

Outdoor Living a Growing Trend

Casual Living Magazine has a nice commentary right now about recent reports that tell us more about a trend we’d all sensed — that we’re more comfortable with doing more of our living in outdoor “rooms.” I drove through an Orlando neighborhood last year and was surprised to see how many homes had most of their backyards enclosed in screened porches. Folks had obviously invested heavily in a lifestyle that includes large amounts of time cooking, eating, visiting and probably even sleeping in the outdoors and didn’t want to be bothered by insect pests.

As this commentary points out, manufacturers of casual furniture are not behindhand on supplying the weather-resistant casual furniture, the firepits and outdoor cooking appliances that go along with this. The same magazine includes a preview of one manufacturer’s plans to debut 21 outdoor furniture groups at the Las Vegas Market, coming up next week. The story quotes Emerald Home President David Beckmann’s opinion that outdoor furniture will be a growth category in the next few years, and his company is planning to supply products that it hopes will be embraced by the mid-market at retail prices ranging from $799 for a table and five to $3,499 for a seven-piece set.

Help Wanted: 1,000 Cooks in U.S. and Canada

This July, Susan G. Komen® and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) are partnering with KitchenAid to encourage anyone who enjoys cooking and entertaining to turn a summer gathering into a “party with a purpose” by hosting a Cook for the Cure party. The goal of this 1,000 Cooks for the Cure initiative is to enlist at least 1,000 cooks in the U.S. and Canada to host any type of get-together from July 19-28 and simply ask their guests to make a donation to Komen (United States residents) or the CBCF (Canada residents) in any amount to support the fight against breast cancer.

“Participating in this worthy cause is easy, and it’s a great reason to get together with family, friends or colleagues during peak summer entertaining season,” notes Beth Robinson, senior manager of brand experience for KitchenAid. “Whether hosting a casual office party, barbecue, dessert sampling or multicourse dinner, the idea is to ask guests to bring nothing to the party but a donation in any amount they choose.”

The 1,000 Cooks for the Cure initiative is part of the larger Cook for the Cure® program, an 11-year effort that has raised more than $11.3 million between the U.S. and Canada for the cause through the sale of pink products, celebrity chef auctions and grassroots fundraising events. Funds raised from the parties can be designated for either organizations’ national efforts or local breast cancer initiatives.

Those interested in hosting a party are encouraged to visit CookfortheCure.com to register and obtain a unique host identification number. Registered hosts will be given access to an information kit that includes party ideas, recipes and donation gathering information. To help hosts connect with guests and others planning parties, KitchenAid will feature 1,000 Cooks for the Cure as an event on its U.S. Facebook page, Canada Facebook page and provide updates via its U.S. Twitter handle in the days leading up to the event.

In 2013, KitchenAid will donate $450,000 or more to Komen through the Cook for the Cure® program to support the fight against breast cancer. Product sales will not affect this donation. KitchenAid will also donate $100,000 or more this year to CBCF through its Cook for the Cure® sponsorship and pink product sales. Recent years the program has earned two Gold Halo awards from the Cause Marketing Forum, and has been favorably covered by NBC Nightly News and other major media. Largely through a series of celebrity chef auctions for autographed KitchenAid products, the program has garnered the support of dozens of celebrity chefs, including Mario Batali, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Jacques Pepin, Martha Stewart and many others.

Iced Tea Maker Brews, Serves and Stores

TAKEYA® has come out with a Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, which lets you easily create handcrafted, artisan iced tea beverages right at home and serve and store all in one unit. The iced tea maker freshly brews hot tea in minutes and flash chills it in just 30 seconds.

The Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker freshly brews hot tea in minutes and flash chills it in just 30 seconds. Airtight, the Iced Tea Maker locks in the aromas and flavors of the brewed tea, capturing the fullest and freshest flavors. The large, fine mesh Tea Infuser easily twists into the Iced Tea Makers lid and provides ample room for loose leaf tea to bloom and fully release their flavors. The 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker Set retails for $39.99.

Using loose leaf tea, you place the tea into a large, fine mesh tea infuser that twists into the iced tea maker’s lid, allowing ample room for the loose tea leaves to bloom and fully release their flavors. All that flavor and aroma stays in the tea longer because the iced tea maker is airtight once it’s closed. TAKEYA also offers accessories, including a fruit infuser and citrus juicer, to inspire you to create an endless variety of all-natural, flavorful iced tea beverages in minutes!

Loose leaf tea is better

TAKEYA only uses best quality premium loose leaf teas harvested from small artisan farms and private growers throughout the world. The patented brew and Flash Chill process combined with the premium loose leaf teas ensures fresh and flavorful iced tea in every glass. The teas are available in Classic Black, Tropical Black, Fresh Green, Green Mint, Hibiscus Pomegranate and Coconut Lime Rooibos.

T-PAC technology

TAKEYA has created T-PAC technology, which brings a whole new experience to iced tea by offering loose leaf teas and herbal blends in an innovative packet. Foil sealed and pre-measured for consistent flavor and freshness, T-PACs are designed exclusively for the TAKEYA Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker. Each box contains six, 1 quart T-PACs.

The Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker retails for $24.99 for the 2-quart size and $21.99 for the 1-quart size. The Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker is now available in a family of colors: Blueberry, Raspberry, Avocado and Black. Each box of TAKEYA whole leaf Iced Teas includes six pre-measured foil packages, and brewing instructions. The tea boxes retail for $7.99. The accessories range in retail prices from $10 for the citrus juicer and fruit infuser to $15 for the large thermo jacket.

Rodale Ventures into Online Retailing

Rodale Inc.—the company that launched the American organic movement and the leading authority on healthy, eco-friendly living—is launching the first online shopping destination specializing in handpicked luxury and sustainably sourced goods.

Rodale’s (www.rodales.com) combines 70+ years of the company’s unmatched heritage in organic lifestyle and environmental stewardship, as well as the expertise of its healthy, active living brands that include Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, Bicycling, Runner’s World and Organic Gardening, to bring together beautiful, sophisticated, responsibly sourced products in one place.

Designed for an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience, Rodale’s will offer stylish, well-made and consciously curated items across most retail categories that include apparel; accessories and beauty; kitchen and garden; fitness; bed and bath; gifts and books; and general care. All products at Rodale’s are carefully vetted in a rigorous process to ensure quality, performance and compliance with health-minded environmental standards, including certifications such as USDA Organic, NATRUE, Natural Products Association, GOTS, Oeko-Tex®, Fair Trade Certified™ and more.

Select artisanal vendors featured at launch include Stewart+Brown apparel, Vapour Organic Beauty, Gabrielle Sanchez jewelry, Riess enamelware, Eileen Fisher apparel, and Intelligent Nutrients beauty, among many others. These brands and others will also offer exclusive and original products that aim to set a new standard for an evolved shopping experience based on their innovative and earth-conscious designs.

“It’s time for an online store to offer one place to discover stylish, sophisticated products that also provide peace of mind,” said Maria Rodale, chairman and CEO of Rodale Inc. “In a world crowded with so many choices—and often-misleading information—we no longer have to compromise our health and environmental values, and that’s truly wonderful.

Rodale’s is the next step in our company’s ongoing mission to make the world a healthier and happier place. We want to help shape the future of conscious consumerism by embedding a new standard for responsibly created merchandise.”

The site’s navigation tools will allow shoppers to discover products by searching via rooms or collection: NOURISH for Kitchen & Garden; INHABIT for Bed & Bath. Style and personal care categories will be experienced as: TEND for Skin & Body; WEAR for Apparel; ADORN for Accessories & Beauty; MOVE for Fitness. Original editorial content designed to encourage vibrant, healthy living will include a mix of video, engaging product stories and healthy lifestyle stories.

Rodale is in a strong position to diversify into e-commerce and has recently posted healthy advertising gains across its portfolio of brands, which contributed to a record revenue-generating first half period for the company. Rodale’s is the first stand-alone e-commerce initiative to come directly from a publisher without the involvement of outside partners. The site is led by a team of experienced digital marketers, buyers and merchandisers and is led by Rodale Senior VP/General Manager Anthony Astarita, who previously led the team at Barnes & Noble that created the NOOK. Reporting to Astarita is Executive Director of Merchandising Michele Barbone, formerly of Saks Fifth Avenue and Anthropologie.