Introducing the New Christeli Luxury Mattresses and Concierge Service

Christeli, a luxury mattress company has introduced three new luxury mattresses: Fifteen, Dréam, and Christeli V.

Each mattress is double sided and features Christeli’s superior natural latex support system, 24 karat gold threading, and pure tufted cashmere on both sides. The Fifteen, Dréam, and Christeli V are also constructed with layers of Christeli’s exclusive Series 7™ memory foam. Depending on the model, mattresses contain as much as 10 inches of Christeli Series 7™ memory foam.

 “All three new mattress models represent the most sophisticated and luxurious mattresses the industry has seen,” says Michael Smith, Director of Marketing. “We’ve carefully designed these mattresses with total luxury in mind. We considered everything, from comfort and support to a beautiful look. What the Rolls Royce is to the world of high-end cars, our new Christeli models are to high-end mattresses.”

Christeli is entering the über luxury mattress market in a different way. Not only is the leading mattress company offering premium mattresses with state of the art materials, it’s also providing VIP services to its customers. New Christeli mattress owners have access to the VIP services of a highly-trained Christeli concierge to help them enjoy the luxury of their new mattress. “Your Christeli concierge will set up your luxury mattress upon delivery,” says Smith. During the first year, the Christeli concierge will return three times to rotate the mattress. Christeli mattress owners also have the option to contact their Christeli concierge two additional times within the first year should they wish to have their mattress turned or rotated. “This ensures that our customers are able to try out the different firmness on each side of their mattress and find their exact comfort preference,” Smith says. Christeli’s VIP benefits also include two complimentary Series 7™ eye masks and complimentary fine wine basket after each regularly scheduled concierge visit.

Christeli has been manufacturing luxury mattresses for more than 80 years. A family owned business, every single Christeli luxury mattress is designed and crafted in the United States.

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