New School Year Brings New Routine, New Accomplishments

With a new school year upon us, Breyers Ice Cream Toppings recently released its Kids’ Top Accomplishments video which highlights kids’ achievements and reminds parents to celebrate them – no matter how big or small.  Whether it’s being named MVP of the soccer team or learning how to tie your shoes, parents can help their kids set new goals this year and celebrate each accomplishment along the way. managing editor Serena Norr, also a mother of two, recently partnered with Breyers Toppings to offer advice to parents for getting off on the right foot this school year.

“It’s really important to encourage children to set goals, and when they accomplish them, it’s worthy of a little celebration,” Norr said. “Sometimes a little quality time or enjoying a sweet treat together can send the message that they’ve done a good job.”

Norr also recommends:

  • Establishing a routine. Back-to-school means early mornings. To avoid the frantic rush, ease kids into their new schedules by setting up an earlier bedtime and wake-up time at least two weeks before the start of school.
  • Staying connected. Parents can stay connected to their kids by asking open-ended questions about their day, working together on homework and checking in with their teacher to see how they are doing.
  • Enjoying free time. So many kids are “scheduled” to the max during the year with afterschool activities, clubs, homework, etc., it’s really important to help them achieve a balance with free time and play. For some kids that might be art, while others may love playing outside with friends. Whatever it is, make sure that children enjoy some unstructured down time.
  • Weekend rewards. With all the back-to-school busyness, quality time with family on the weekends is important.  Establish new traditions like Movie Night, Game Night or for a special treat – Ice Cream Night. New Breyers Ice Cream Toppings can really help make those celebrations a little easier. Parents can set up a fuss-free sundae bar, complete with fruit toppings, tasty sauces squeezable pouches and sprinkles – all without high-fructose corn syrup. Grab your favorite ice cream, a selection of Breyers Toppings and you’re ready to celebrate together – for little reasons, big reasons or no reason at all.

Breyers Toppings are available at Wal-Mart, select Target and grocery stores nationwide.